Privacy Policy Statement of Imperial Jadeite Co., Ltd.


The information contained on the Imperial Jadeite Co., Ltd. website (including but not limited to product and service information, images, advertisements, etc.; collectively referred to as “the company’s website information”) is the company in accordance with its current practices and policies, and uses the information it currently obtains Compiled. In order to ensure the accuracy of the company’s website information, the company will regularly check and update the company’s website information when appropriate to reflect changes in the situation.

Under any circumstances, the company will not respond to your reliance on or use of the company’s website information, or any error, misstatement, negligence, omission, interference, error, defect, operation or transmission delay due to your reliance on or use of the company’s website information, Or take any responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages caused by a malfunction of the company’s website system.
You agree to indemnify the company and release the company from any actions or actions taken by you due to reliance on or use of the company’s website information, infringement of the rights of any third party, violation of any laws and regulations, or violation of any clause of this statement. Any claims, liabilities, losses, compensation for damages, expenditures or expenses arising from or related to it.

If you have any questions about the above statement, please email to admin@hkimperialjadeite.com to contact the company.

Service Description

The company’s website provides free market-related product price information (including but not limited to decorative gold, gold nuggets and platinum products) (collectively referred to as “product price information”). Product price information is only provided based on the current situation. The company reserves the right to modify, add or delete the service, any of its information, this service description, and temporarily or permanently stop the service, whether in whole or in part, without prior notice. .

Product price information is for reference only. Related product price information and its income can go up or down. Past performance does not necessarily reflect future performance. Investing in any related product carries risks. The company does its best to ensure that the information provided is accurate and reliable, but will not guarantee the accuracy, validity, timeliness or completeness of any information or data, and will not make any current or future purchase or sale reviews and messages Make a profit guarantee. The company hereby declares that it does not guarantee the marketability or integrity of any product price information, and does not constitute any offer or recommendation to you.

Copyright Notice

The information on the company’s website is protected by relevant copyright laws, and the company reserves all rights. Except for printing or downloading the company’s website information for private or non-commercial purposes, you may not use it in any other way, and you must not delete any copyright notices attached to the company’s website information.

Before you want to use the company’s website information or links for any non-private or commercial purposes, you must obtain the company’s written confirmation and consent before use, otherwise the company will reserve all rights to you. For any third-party website mentioned on our company’s website or the company agrees to access through our website through a link, the copyright of the content of the website should be owned by the owner of the website. When you want to use the content in any way, The owner of the relevant website should be consulted in advance.
If you have any questions about the above statement, please email to admin@hkimperialjadeite.com to contact the company.

Privacy policy

Promise to protect your privacy

The company promises to respect your personal privacy, maintain the confidentiality of your personal information, and strictly abide by applicable laws and regulations. At the same time, this policy has been established to clarify how the company collects, uses, discloses and retains your personal information. personal information.

Collection of personal data

The company intends to use your information for direct marketing and the following purposes (if applicable), and the company must obtain your consent (including expressing no objection) for this purpose:

Apply to become a member of any membership plan of our company;

Apply to become a contractor, agent or supplier of any product or service of the company;

Apply to become an employee of the company;

Register to participate in any event, competition, lottery or questionnaire survey organized by our company;

Use any online shopping platform of our company;

Use any online interactive platform of our company; and contact our company

You may be required to provide sufficient but not excessive personal information (including but not limited to:

Name, gender, nationality, occupation, age group, date of birth, your signature, marital status, number of family members;

Correspondence address/residence, telephone number, fax number, email address;

Hong Kong identity card number or other identification documents, membership card number;

Education level, monthly income range;

Credit card number (but only limited to the first and last two sets of eight digits);

Photos and other pictures;

Your choice of communication language, your interests, etc. and other information;

Your response data (such as stories, photos, concepts, etc.) provided by you to the company or its representatives in market surveys, research and competition activities; and
Details of your visits to our website and use of social media platforms, as well as other information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies, including information you have viewed. The company may also collect publicly available information about you, including your social media profile (collectively referred to as “personal data”). The company hereby emphasizes that you are not obliged to provide any personal information to the company. The personal information is You provide it voluntarily; if you fail to provide the relevant personal information, the company may not be able to provide you with relevant services or process relevant applications.

If you want to refuse to receive information about promotions, discounts and product services for direct selling purposes, you may choose to refuse direct selling. In any direct marketing communications sent to you, the company provides the option to unsubscribe or stop receiving communications materials. You can also contact the company in accordance with the methods listed in paragraph 7 below, indicating that you have chosen to stop receiving relevant communications.

Use of cookies on our website

The company’s official website, www.imperialjadeitehk.com, may collect information about your access to the company’s website through cookies, such as domain name, network protocol address, login time, preference settings, etc., and store it on your computer In the hard disk, if you do not want to use cookies, you can block it on your Internet browser, but you may not be able to access part or all of the pages of our company’s website after blocking; the relevant information is only for our company’s internal research ( Such as counting the number of visitors to the company’s website, analyzing general usage, etc.) and making corresponding adjustments when you browse the company’s website in the future, the purpose is to create a more relevant and suitable online information platform for you.

Use of personal data

The personal data provided by you may be used by the company for the following purposes:

Confirm and verify your identity;

Manage your member account (including but not limited to compiling member online login password);

To handle your enquiries, complaints, applications and product or service orders;

Understand your characteristics, provide you with more appropriate promotion, discounts and product services, and provide relevant information from time to time to let you know the details;

To manage, operate and maintain the activities or services provided by the company to you (including auditing or performing the rights of both parties as stated in the relevant activities or service terms);

Announce the list of winners of any event, competition or lottery held by the company;

Provide you with product after-sales service;

To collect payment from you for related services;

Send you electronic greeting cards and related materials;

Conduct surveys, statistics and research, formulate or improve service quality, operating policies, market promotion and publicity strategies;

Investigate suspicious transactions, help prevent and detect crimes; and make disclosures in accordance with the law.

Disclosure of personal data

The company will keep the personal data provided by you confidential. The personal data provided by you may be used by the company for the following disclosure and transfer (whether in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or not) for the above-mentioned purposes:

To assist in the implementation of the above-mentioned purposes, the agent hired by the company to provide services including administration, telecommunications, computer and information technology, payment, third-party collection agencies, data processing, postal delivery, market research, sending promotional information, etc., Service contractors (such as professional consultants, banks, technicians, customer market research companies, telecommunications or network service providers or data entry companies, etc.) (collectively referred to as “third parties”);

Service providers or retailers that cooperate with the company to provide promotional offers, activities or rewards (collectively referred to as “participating merchants”);

The above-mentioned third parties and participating merchants are responsible for confidentiality, and are only permitted to use your personal data for the above-mentioned purposes, and may not be used for other purposes;

Disclosure to third parties ordered by government agencies, law enforcement agencies or courts to protect the company’s rights and cooperate in combating crimes; and when the company merges, acquires, or sells all or most of its shares to third parties, it may include your The personal data is transferred to the third party.

In addition to the above disclosures, the company will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the personal information obtained from you will be treated with absolute confidentiality and will not be sold, leased or delivered to other third parties without your consent. Any other use.

Maintenance and protection of personal data

After the company collects your personal data, it will be properly stored in the electronic data processing system. The company has implemented appropriate measures in monitoring equipment, electronic systems and personnel management to protect the security of your personal data. The company also has relevant systems and usage specifications to restrict the use of your personal data by the aforementioned third parties and participating merchants, so as to ensure that all personnel comply with applicable laws and regulations.

The company will not retain your personal data for longer than necessary, and will delete unnecessary personal data existing in the system in order to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the preservation of personal data.

Your rights and contact us

For the personal information provided to the company, you have the following rights:

Check whether the company holds your personal data, and request a backup of your personal data;

Correct and/or update the personal data you have provided to the company. If you want to check, correct and/or update the above information, please email to admin@hkimperialjadeite.com to contact our company. The company will not be liable for any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, expenses or expenses caused by or related to your failure to contact the company to correct and/or update the personal information in a timely manner;

If you believe that the company no longer needs to use your personal data for the purpose of collecting data, you have the right to request the company to delete it. If you have withdrawn your consent (such as the company’s initial request for your consent to use your personal data), or if you exercise your right to object to the company’s further legal use of your personal data, you can also request the company to delete it. You agree that the company can temporarily retain your personal data until the completion of the relevant matters under the following circumstances, for example, when the company needs to continue to use your personal data to comply with the company’s legal obligations, or the company needs to use your personal data To establish, exercise or defend legal claims;

Check the company’s data processing policies and practices and the types of data held; and request the company to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes. When the company collects your personal information, you can point out that you do not agree to receive direct marketing information, so as to exercise your rights to prevent your personal information from being used for direct marketing purposes. In addition, after the company has collected and used your personal data for direct marketing, you can also exercise the aforementioned rights in the following ways:

(a) Tick “I do not want to receive any direct marketing materials or messages” on the VIP application form;

(b) Tick “I do not want to receive any direct marketing materials or messages” on the “VIP Login” on the official website of Emperor Green Jade;

(c) Click “Cancel reception” in the Imperial Jadeite VIP email message;

(d) Email to vip@hkimperialjadeite.com to contact the company; and /

(e) Call (852) 28809225 to contact the company

contact us

Imperial Jadeite

G/F, 72-74 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Links to third-party websites

Any third-party website mentioned on our website or that our company agrees to access via our website through a link has a different privacy policy for personal data. When you enter any third-party website, you should read the personal data privacy policy of that website in advance. The company will not monitor your personal information disclosed to any third-party websites.

This policy does not limit your rights under applicable laws and regulations.

The company reserves the right to revise this policy from time to time.